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Cat Fur Care Tips, Treatments, Techniques | Fur Loss Problem in Feline

Cat Fur Care
Cats may be finicky about cleanliness and seem to be constantly grooming themselves, but they do need some amount of cat fur care. Different types of cat breeds differ in the type of fair or hair they possess, so your cat fur care needs may differ slightly, but cat hair care is essential [...]

Cat Stops Eating, Drinking Causes, Diagnosis | Cat Not Eating Food

Cat Stops Eating
A cat stops eating and drinking may seem strange and bothersome to an owner who is used to having that feline friend begging for food and stealing normally. But cat loss of appetite is not always a sign of illness, as just like their human counterparts they can have their good and bad [...]

How to Cook for Dog | Home Cooked Food for Dogs | Cooking for Canine

Cooking for Dog
There are a number of dog foods available in the market but if you feel that you are not confident your dog is getting the required nutrition, you can try cooking for dogs at home yourself. Before this however, it is important that you consult with your vet on what are the nutritional [...]

Cat Keeps Vomiting | Symptoms, Causes of Persistent Vomiting in Cats

Cat Keeps Vomiting
Cats’ vomiting is a very common complaint from cat owners. It can be a perfectly natural thing and most of the times it is nothing to worry about. There can be a multitude of reasons for a cat vomiting. It can be something very harmless or even something serious. One must check not [...]

Pyometra in Dogs | Open, Closed Pyometra Infections in Canine

Dog Pyometra
Pyometra is a uterine infection in dogs. This infection usually occurs in unspayed dogs and can also be fatal. During the female dog heat cycle or the estrus cycle, their cervix relaxes and opens a little. This opening can allow the bacteria to enter the uterus of the dog. When the cervix closes the [...]

Understanding Cat Behavior | Feline Behavior Problem Training

Cat Behavior
Cats communicate with one another in many interesting ways, and understanding cat behavior may take a great deal of time, patience and perception, as they are pretty complex creatures. A flick of the tail and a little movement of the ear sends a message. Since their body language is so controlled, humans’ find it [...]

Dog Leg Pain Symptoms, Causes | Treatment for Pain in Canine Leg

Dog Leg Pain
Dogs appeal to people of different age groups and nationalities; hence they have been given the title “Man’s Best Friend”. As a dog owner treating your dog with care and affection should always be your priority. When a dog experiences any kind of physical discomfort, it cannot express itself so it is important [...]

Heavy, Excessive Dog Panting Causes, Treatments, Diagnosis

Panting in Dogs
One of the main reasons for a dog panting excessively would be because it is a method of cooling down its body through rapid shallow breaths. When a dog pants after any exercise or strenuous activity it is normal. During this time a dog pants because it is happy. On a hot day [...]

Metal Poisoning in Dogs Symptoms | Effects of Metal Toxicity in Dogs

Metal Poisoning in Dogs
Metal poisoning in dogs is as dangerous for them as it is for humans – the effect can be life threatening. In order to find out the presence as well as test the levels of metal present in the dog’s body hair analysis can be conducted. If there are traces of metals [...]

Antifreeze Poisoning in Dogs Symptoms | Effects of Ethylene Glycol Toxicity in Dog

Antifreeze Poisoning in Dogs
Antifreeze smells and tastes very attractive to most animals. However ingestion of this product can be very dangerous and deadly for the animal. When trying to ascertain if one’s dog has ingested antifreeze, some of the basic signs to look for include nausea and vomiting accompanied by excessive canine drooling and loss [...]