Domestic Long Hair Cat Personality | Domestic Long Haired Cat Breed

Domestic Long Hair Cat

The domestic long haired cat is a breed of cat with longer fur. The domestic long hair is actually the product of mixed breeding, over several generations. The domestic long hair cat personality makes it a great pet as it is a very social and friendly animal. The domestic long hair cat personality is in fact a contributing factor to its popularity. The domestic long haired cat does require regular grooming and must be bathed every one to two weeks. Due to this, these cats do not make good outdoor cats. You have to take especial care while grooming as their long hair is easily susceptible to matting.

The domestic long haired cat comes in a wide range of coat colors and patterns that could include the tabby, patched tabby, and solid, to name a few. Domestic cats with long hair are medium sized cats and on an average, they live for twelve to twenty years. Domestic long haired cats are a hearty breed of cat and do not have any specific medical problems, but they are prone to obesity so it is important to monitor their diet. Since these cats are susceptible to gaining weight and live an indoor lifestyle be sure to give them cat toys so they can get proper exercise.

If you own a long haired cat, then brushing the cat’s fur on a regular basis, preferably weekly,  would help to prevent matting and hairballs. Long haired cats experience severe shedding in two stages. The summer coat is shed in fall and in preparation for winter a new heavier coat is grown. This heavy coat is lost in spring when a lighter coat appears in anticipation of the summer months. Although there are literally hundreds of different domestic long hair cat breeds to choose from, there are a few that are especially popular. One is the Persian cat and another is the Balinese. The natural domestic long hair cat breeds are Maine coon, Norwegian forest cat, Siberian, and German long hair.
Many owners of long haired cats are tempted to simply snip off the matted fur with a pair of scissors to save themselves the inconvenience of having to comb it out. This really should be avoided if you’re not trained to do so, as you may hurt its skin. It is vital that the domestic long haired cat is groomed as it removes dead hair, reduces hairballs and stimulates the skin and circulation. Starting and sticking with a grooming routine early in the cat’s life can create a bonding opportunity.

Cats are always attention seekers and want to get lots of petting and attention, and you will find these traits to be inherent to the domestic long hair cat personality as well. If you are not going to be able to devote enough time to your pet then you should think twice before getting one as a pet. Overall, these cats are graceful, gentle, and beautiful creatures that make great pets.