Cat Mammary Cancer | Treatment, Symptoms of Feline Mammary Tumor

Cat Mammary Cancer

Cancer is a dreaded disease not only in human beings but also in animals. Cats are susceptible to this serious condition and there are a number of different types of cancer that can affect them. Cat mammary cancer is one such type of cancer wherein the tumor is growing in the mammary glands. Breast cancer is a common occurrence in women and also in female cats. Any old female cat can get mammary cancer and the average age of getting it is about 10 to 14 years. However, the occurrence of this cancer has reduced considerably in cats because they are spayed. If your cat is spayed within the first 6 months of her birth, her chances of getting mammary tumor is lowered to 91 percent. Also, if your cat is spayed within one year of her birth, chances that she will suffer from mammary cancer are reduced to 86 percent. However, obesity is a cause for cat mammary tumor and Siamese cats and Japanese breed of cats are more at risk of getting this cancer. A study carried out also states that if the tumor is less than three cm the average survival time for these cats is 21 months and if the tumor is bigger than 3 cm then the survival time on an average is 12 months.

Since the occurrence of this cancer is very low in cats, the tumor is mostly malignant due to which it proves fatal. The mammary tumor can be identified easily as it will mostly appear as firm nodules and maybe moveable or in one place only. Symptoms for cat cancer include an infection, pain, swelling or fever. Treatment for cat mammary tumor mostly involves a surgery wherein the tumor and the mammary gland surrounding it is removed. Chemotherapy may also be required along with the surgery. There is no treatment that can prevent cats from getting this cancer but the risk of getting it can be reduced greatly by spaying cats before they get into their first heat cycle. Cats should be taken to the veterinarian on a regular basis for check ups in order to erase the possibility of tumors or any other symptoms. With the increase of diseases and cancer that cats are prone to these days, it is highly essential that owners be alert and watch out for any lumps that they feel especially in the mammary glands.

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