Cat Pregnancy Week By Week | Cat Fetal Development Week

Cat Pregnancy Week By Week

The different cat pregnancy stages are observed over a period of 63 days which is the typical feline gestation time. The prominent cat pregnancy symptoms are typically observed around the first three weeks of pregnancy. A cat pregnancy week by week change will be observed in the form of the cat’s nipples becoming pinkish in color and also slightly enlarged in week 3 of feline pregnancy. However during week 3, the belly of the cat will not show any visible signs of swelling. During week 4 of the cat pregnancy week by week, the belly will start becoming visibly swollen and additionally the swelling of the nipples will also become more prominent. Many cat owners have also noticed an increase in the appetite of the cat during week 4 of feline pregnancy. In week 5 of feline pregnancy, the vet will insist that special attention be given to the cat’s pregnancy diet so as to benefit her and the kittens. In week 6 of the cat pregnancy week by week, the cat pregnancy is very obvious and the pregnant cat may also display certain behavioral changes.

The cat may be observed moving around with much more care and not undertake too much of twisting or stretching actions. A cat that would prefer being outside before pregnancy would now want to mostly stay inside the house. The pregnant cat’s appetite will continue to increase all through week 6 of its pregnancy. One of the most obvious signs in week 7 of pregnancy is a change in the cat’s behavior wherein the cat may display some signs of excitement. This is commonly known as the quickening stage which is one of the cat pregnancy stages and the onset of this stage is brought about because of the movement of the fetuses. During week 7 of feline pregnancy, the cat may start stretching and rolling and may also start hunting for suitable spots in the vicinity where it could give birth. Hence many cat owners are encouraged to keep their pregnant cat inside during this stage of pregnancy so that the cat does not make a nest outside the house. In some cases labor and birth may commence as early as 61 days after conception or even as late as 70 days in some cats. Labor and delivery is the final stage of the cat pregnancy stages and this usually commences with the cat getting restless followed by the onset of contractions which may increase in frequency in due time.

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