Cat Urinating in House Causes | How to Stop Cat From Urinating in House

Cat Urinating in House

A cat urinating in the house is what every cat owner dreads. An important point to keep in mind when this occurs is that cats are fastidious creatures. Urinating outside their litter box is a sure sign that there is something wrong with them. The first question you should therefore ask your self is “why is my cat urinating in the house?” He is probably doing this because he does not want to urinate in the litter box. A cat will associate a litter box with urination and if urination has become painful an association of pain may develop with the litter box. In several cases, the cat is in pain and urinating outside the box is not simply bad behavior but simply an effort to urinate without the pain. Your cat may be suffering from a urinary tract infection. This is called Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD). Your cat will need medical care if this is the case. Ensure you take your cat to the vet as this disease could be life threatening if ignored. Other medical problems that could be responsible for urination outside the litter box are liver disease, trauma, inflammatory bowel disease, kidney disease, adrenal gland disease, bacterial infection, phyercalcemia, pyometra, colitis, diabetes mellitus, calculi, diabetes insiidus and phyocalcemi.

Another factor that could be responsible is stress. If you have a new pet in the house, a new baby, or if you have moved recently- all these can stress out your cat. If your cat has recently been declawed and a rough substance in the litter box causes pain to the declawed paw, he will associate the pain with the box. If the litter box is dirty or you are using a new brand of litter, the cat might move away and urinate elsewhere. Cats also urinate to mark their territory. An older cat may not make it to the box in time.

So, how does one stop a cat from urinating in the house? Address the reason behind this. If it is a medical problem, ensure you see a vet and treat the cat accordingly. Pay more attention to the cat if he is jealous of a new arrival. Keep the litter box clean and make sure it is large enough for your cat. Place more boxes around your house if your cat is old. Put aluminum foil over the area the cat has urinated. Cats do not like the feel or noise the foil makes. Never punish the cat for urinating in the wrong place.