My Cat Kneads A Lot | Cat Kneading Too Much Continuously

My Cat Kneads A Lot

Cats are one of the most popular domestic pets all over the world and although they have a reputation of being fairly independent minded and unconcerned about their owners apart from getting their feed, cats can actually grow very attached to the humans they live with and may at times demand their attention. At heart, cats are actually very affectionate animals but they are just not as expressive of their affection, and they don’t appreciate our methods of expression that may often seem constraining or threatening to them.  Kneading is a common habit in cats that is a part of how they communicate their feelings. However, at times, the actions can be quite irritating for the master, especially if performed on a consistent basis. One of the primary reasons why most owners will regularly think to themselves ‘my cat kneads a lot’ is the fact that the tendency actually developed from when it was a kitten and kneading the mother’s teats while feeding as a baby helps stimulate the let down response, allowing the milk to flow more freely. Factors like this play a substantial role in the cat’s adulthood and mannerisms. If you notice that your cat kneads continuously ever since he or she was a kitten, then this might be the primary cause for the habit. Another factor that should be considered is that the animal may simply be marking its territory and trying to push you away from an area that it considers to be its own.

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Because of the tendency for cats to knead excessively, there are a number of methods employed all over the world to rid them of the habit. Since most cats knead continuously, getting some information on natural ways to stop the habit is not hard to come by on the internet. One way of accomplishing this is to lay the cat down and as soon as you see it start to knead, pull the animal down and say ‘no’. After a few days of doing this, the animal associates the action of kneading with a rather undesirable reaction of being pulled down and therefore stops doing so. Any options when it comes to training your kitty to stop kneading will always revolve around devising some kind of uncomfortable experience for the animal. For example, some people will choose to spray some water into the animals face when it starts to knead. This will have very much the same effect. Also keep in mind that a cat kneading is also a show of contentment, so make sure you understand what you are punishing.