Dog Calorie Requirement | Calculate Calories Intake for Dogs

Dog Calorie Intake

All dog calorie requirements differ fundamentally from the human calorie requirements. There are a huge number of dogs that are overweight and also a huge number that are underweight. Most people are not aware that calorie needs for most dogs will differ depending on the individual dog. This holds true for most animals. Calorie intake of one’s dog or other pet will also differ based on the environment that the dog is living in and also the amount of exercise each animal will get. There are various guidelines and dog food recipes that are available which help in providing the daily dog calorie intake. This calorie intake will also differ depending on the stage in the dog’s life. Usually on an average the stipulated amount of calories for dogs is approximately 25 calories per each pound of the dog’s body weight. This is a daily requirement that is needed in maintaining the animal’s stable weight. Dogs that are neutered or dogs that are inactive or even dogs which live in the warmer climates are found to need lesser calorie intake. On the other hand, dogs that are working dogs or are active dogs may require a larger intake of calorie that is dependent on the amount of activity they do. The Rottweiler puppies are found to be very active puppies and thus need more calorie intake than the average other puppy. There are however also some dogs that are even smaller and weigh less than 20 pounds, but may need almost 40 calories to the pound of the dog’s body weight. Also there may be dogs that weigh more than 100 pounds but that may need only about 15 calories in a day.

It is vital that the dog owner make sure that their dog does not end up eating too much good as it can lead to the dog becoming over weight. This is especially so of the dog does not get adequate amounts of exercise. Those dogs that are overweight tend to be a lot more susceptible to the animal getting various kinds of different health problems. It is the responsibility of the dog owner to help in ensuring that the dog always remains a healthy and balanced weight. It is the owners responsibility also to ensure that the dog diet is a nutritionally balanced one and that it provides the vitamins for dog needs while at the same time being palatable.