Homemade Low Protein Dog Food Recipes Treat | How To Make Low Protein Dog Food

Homemade Low Protein Dog Food Recipes

Though the vet may have asked you to keep the dog on a low protein diet, it is not advisable to eliminate proteins from the diet completely. Since dogs require protein for healthy growth, it is important that there be some amount of proteins in their diet. To prepare a simple low protein meal for your dog, simply take half a pound of beef and grind it. Brown it in a skillet by adding a small amount of water. Now add to this four cups of cooked white rice.

Boil two eggs and chop them into small pieces. Save their shells and keep them aside. Cut six slices of bread into half inch pieces. Combine together the ground beef, the rice, the bread crumbs, and the eggs. Mix these thoroughly till it becomes a uniform mixture. You can now grind the egg shells into a fine powder. You may do this manually or use a pestle. Stir this egg shell powder into the food. You could dry this food, bake it, and cut it into small pieces to use as low protein homemade dog treat or add water to it and give to your dog as a low protein homemade dog meal. There are specialized foods available commercially for a dog that needs to be on a low protein diet. However, these foods are not only difficult to find, but also extremely expensive. This mostly leaves you with the choice of preparing low protein dog food at home. Homemade dog food is much different than the commercial foods. Homemade foods are organic and fresh as compared to the commercial foods where the ingredients may not always be of the best quality.

Normally, dogs are given high protein diets because that is what their bodies require the most. Unlike humans, dogs should ideally receive the chief part of their energies from protein. However, if your dog has been diagnosed with a disorder of the kidneys, the vet will ask you to put your dog on a low protein diet. When the kidneys are already weak, it is not right to burden them further with the task of breaking down and filtering proteins. Therefore, your dog may be kept on a low protein diet for a long time. Kidney diseases are irreversible and if you want your dog’s treatment to be successful, you will have to give special attention to the diet of the dog. This may present a challenge to you, especially if you are used to giving your dog commercial foods and kibble.