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July 14, 2010

Dog Vomiting Yellow Mucus Causes | Dog Vomits Yellow Bile Treatments

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Dog Vomits Yellow Mucus

The tendency of most dogs to eat almost anything they find lying by the way side means that most of them are likely to, at some point of time or the other, vomit out any consumptions that do not agree with their digestive system. This can become a rather grave concern for the dog owner in cases where the condition appears to be chronic. When dog vomits yellow bile, it can be a symptom that there may be something medically wrong with the animal as well. When instances like this occur rather frequently, it is important that the dog owner look for any traces of red in the vomit while also looking to identify the presence of any blood in other secretions. It is also important to remember and recall the last meal that the animal consumed and identify if there is a possibility that one of the ingredients in the meal is a likely allergen – triggering an allergic reaction to take place. Some of the more prominent symptoms that any dog owner should look out for when they find their dog vomiting yellow mucus include a disinterest in eating, noticeable weakness and lethargy as well as a rise in the animal’s body temperature. Also keep a track of how often the animal appears to throw up in a period of 24 hours. Unfortunately, one aspect that very often interferes with the effective treatment of the condition is the fact that it is very often confused with a number of other medical conditions. For example, it is very often misdiagnosed as being gagging or retching which then results in the dog vomiting white foam. This occurrence is more often the result of a respiratory condition much like kennel cough or a throat irritation.

The yellowish substance that the dog is vomiting is, in all likelihood, under-digested and lacking in any acids. As a result – most animals will even choose to eat up the vomit. While this may appear rather disgusting to most owners, the dogs are unlikely to pay much attention because of the fact that it is going to taste very similar to the food before ingestion. However, it is important to be able to effectively differentiate between dog vomiting and regurgitation because of the fact that it will greatly hamper the treatment process. In puppies, the tendency to vomit can also be a sign of an adapting digestive process, and therefore, is merely a part of the animals growth.

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