Goldfish Health Problems, Symptoms | Goldfish Health Care Issues

Goldfish Health

If you have a pet fish, you probably know how susceptible they can be to health problems. Goldfish, when kept in an indoor aquarium, become susceptible to several diseases. Fortunately, not only can these diseases be treated, they can be prevented as well. Goldfish health is very delicate and it is important to take care of the fish well in order to prevent them from suffering from any diseases. Here are some common goldfish health problems and common ways of dealing with them.

  • Ichtyopthirius: This is one of the most common goldfish diseases. Ich is a parasite which attaches itself to the body of the goldfish. When undue stress is put on the goldfish due to fluctuations in water temperature or bad weather conditions, the fish might begin to develop small spots on the body. The fin and the gills may show small white colored spots. The parasite sticks to the body of the fish and begins to reproduce at a very fast pace. Ich can be easily prevented by keeping the fish tank clean.
  • Fin Rot: Fin rot is a very common goldfish health problem. This is a condition in which the fins or the tail of the fish appear to be rotting away. Fin rot is usually caused due to poor water conditions and bacterial infections. If a fish is already weak, it can easily fall victim to this disease. Fin rot can be treated using anti bacterial and anti fungal medications. It is however recommended that the water quality of the tank should always be kept high so that this disease can be prevented.
  • Fungus: The easy formation of fungus in an unclean aquarium tank can make fish care very difficult. Tanks should always be kept clean and to keep the water quality high, the water should be changed frequently. Fungus usually appears on the area of the goldfish’s body where an ulcer or a wound is already present. The growth of the fungus can further complicate the condition of the fish. Adding anti fungal medications can help treat the fungus.
  • Constipation: Another common goldfish health problem, constipation affects fish that are over fed. Fish do not have large appetites. However, if large quantities of fish food are added to the aquarium, they continue eating till the food is all finished. The fish appears visibly bloated and becomes very less active. To treat constipation, you can give them boiled peas, which act as a laxative and allow them to relieve themselves.