Pet Euthanasia at Home | Euthanize Pet Yourself

Home Pet Euthanasia:

Pet euthanasia is the act of painlessly and humanely terminating the life of your pet. The Greek translation of euthanasia literally means ‘good death’. There are various places where this can be practiced like veterinarian clinics, animal shelters or at home. The methods used when practicing euthanasia are aimed at causing the least amount of pain distress and discomfort to your pet. When practiced at home on one’s pet, euthanasia is referred to by euphemisms like ‘putting to sleep’, ‘laying down’, ‘putting down’ or ‘putting out of its misery’.

Some of the reasons why euthanasia is practiced is if you have an aging pet who is unable to enjoy life the way it used to, or if your pet is suffering from a terminally ill condition or has been injured severely such that even after recovery it will not be able to live a full and comfortable life. Other reasons include rabies, unnatural aggressiveness and violence. Also if your pet has been involved in causing another human a serious or fatal injury, then owners opt to put them down or may be required to do so by the law.

Choosing to practice pet euthanasia in one’s home at times seems right for what can be an extremely emotional experience. When practiced in its own home, the pet is more relaxed and at ease with its surroundings. It also gives the owner privacy and a chance to come to terms with the grief for what can be a fairly emotional time. At times opting to practice euthanasia in the confines of one’s home can work out to be more economical than in a hospital or clinic. Euthanasia can either be done by the pet’s owner at home itself if trained correctly or by a veterinarian. At times there are other groups or people trained to perform this service at home for you. When done by a veterinarian, the first step is to inject the pet with a tranquilizing drug. This puts the animal into a deep and irreversible coma. It allows the owner a chance to say goodbye before the final injection is administered. This next intravenous injection leads to respiratory and cardiac arrest. Thus death comes painlessly and quickly. The other ways to practice euthanasia include shooting. This is particularly in the case of large animals. For small animals like rabbits, their necks can be snapped and instant death can then occur when done the right way. Many owners can opt to either cremate the pet’s remains or bury them. There are special funeral homes that can perform these services if required.