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Dutch Rabbit Size

The Dutch rabbit is a beloved pet which originated in Europe, as its name suggests. Though the precise period of the discovery of the Dutch rabbit is not very specific, it is believed that the Dutch rabbit first gained popularity in 1850, when it became immensely popular as a pet. The Dutch rabbit size makes it an extremely adorable and affectionate pet. Though a native of the Netherlands, as its name suggests, the popularity of the Dutch rabbit was so much in the late nineteenth century that the rabbit was exported to many different parts of the world.

Apart from the Dutch rabbit size, another important characteristic which makes the animal so popular are the royal Dutch markings.  Also known as the Hollander rabbit, the Dutch rabbit is one of the oldest breeds of domesticated rabbits known to man. However, since the rabbit has extremely fancy markings all over the body, it is considered a fancier pet than the regular wild rabbits which were the original domesticated rabbits in Europe.

Breeders from all over the world try to breed the Dutch rabbit carefully in order to enhance the fancy markings on the body. Though not much consideration is given to the size of the Dutch rabbit, over the years, there have been many attempts to improve the breed by careful breeding. The Dutch rabbit size and the shape of the body get special attention when the breeders are pondering selection for crossing the rabbit.

Professional breeders find breeding Dutch rabbits a true challenge since there is a considerably high demand for creating perfection in the markings of the Dutch rabbit. Only the most ardent and experienced breeders have been able to achieve the level of excellence that is demanded of these rabbits. However, there are many breeders who try very hard to achieve the same level of finesse in their results.

The Dutch rabbit personality is something which is as likeable as the Dutch rabbit size. The rabbit has erect ears and back legs which are very powerful. However, what makes it such a precious pet is its personality. The rabbit is extremely friendly and very playful. When let out in the open, the rabbit loves to frolic around. When kept in pairs in a pen, the rabbits can be very playful with each other. They are extremely sociable and have a lot of fun with each other. It is a pleasure watching them interact with each other and play. The Dutch rabbit colors are as fancy as its markings and the breeders continue to endeavor to create better looking rabbits. b