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Dog Behavior Problems

 Submitted by Michael Adams on April 26, 2010

Training a dog can be a challenging task. Dogs are more basic in their behavior patterns than humans and require a different kind of training in order to be considered well trained. Dog behavior is an important concern for owners especially when it comes to large dogs that may be difficult to handle.

There are many ways by which you can ensure good dog behavior training.
  • Excitement: A domestic pet can lead an extremely boring life sitting at home while you are away at work. Many dog behavior problems arise out of your dog simply being over enthusiastic because of the absence of anything to be enthusiastic about during the day.

    When you are with your pet, play some games with it. Try and stimulate it physically through exercise and exertion. You should also try and give your dog something to think about. Playing games where you may hide a treat will make your dog think a little and this is good to cure a dog of boredom.
  • Patience: Patience is essential when you are dealing with your dogs. Reacting aggressively to your dog misbehaving is likely to scare your dog as well as to make it more jumpy and aggressive as a consequence. Aggressive dog behavior is noted among dogs that are owned by aggressive people. Patience is also necessary when training your dog, especially your puppy. You need to repetitively coach your dog into behaving in a particular manner that is acceptable to you and the people around you.
  • Socializing: Dogs love to socialize with other humans as well as with other dogs. If you can find a place where other dog owners exercise their pets, it may be advisable to take your dog there. This is a necessary yet difficult thing to do for some owners. Aggressive dogs might intimidate other dogs and it is not fair for you to expose other dogs to your dog’s aggression.
  • Routine: Dogs will be more secure when a routine is followed. You may notice your dog is ready and waiting for you in the evening when you come home. This is because the dog has associated the evening with your return. Try not to disturb the daily routine for your dog’s sake.
  • Obedience: Make sure that your dog obeys your commands immediately and always on a consistent basis. You should never let your dog get away with not obeying a command. This sense of discipline is good for a dog and can be linked to the ‘routine’ point made earlier. 
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