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Tips on Havanese Puppy Training

 Submitted by Nic on May 30, 2012

Training a havanese puppy can be quite challenging as these toy dogs have not been bred for any specific purpose. This tends to make them more fun loving dogs rather than dogs bred for obedience. So your havanese puppy is going to be more interested in playing and having fun rather than in learning any obedience lessons.

That does not mean that your puppy cannot learn. Havanese puppies are extremely intelligent and just need the proper kind of motivation to learn.

You should spend the first few months with your havanese puppy focusing on the basics that every puppy needs to learn, such as housebreaking and potty training, obedience training and teaching them to socialize with other dogs.

Here is some information & tips on havanese puppy training.

• Keep the training sessions short as puppies learn best from such sessions. You can have two such short sessions in a day.

• Maintain consistency in your training schedule.

• Maintaining a positive and cheerful disposition will help your puppy learn quicker. A puppy’s attitude usually reflects the attitude of its master.

• Make the training sessions enjoyable.

• Do not train your puppy if you are angry or frustrated.

• Above all, be patient and do not hit your dog.

Consistency is the key to having a well-trained dog. It does not mean training your dog frequently. It means giving your dog the same message every time. For example, if your puppy is begging at the table, scold him in a firm voice. Do this every time he begs. If you feed your puppy sometimes and scold him at other times, you will just end up confusing him and the lesson will be lost. Similarly, reward your puppy with some praise and a tasty treat every time he obeys you. Do this only when he obeys your instructions and not otherwise.

Potty training your havanese puppy can take a bit longer than with other breeds but that doesn’t mean it is impossible. Timing is the key and you need to teach your puppy when and where it can go “potty”. Once again consistency is important and you will need to establish a schedule and stick to it. Take your puppy to the designated “potty” zone first thing in the morning and after every meal. If it does mess in the house, make him smell it, scold him and then immediately take him to the designated zone. Your patience and consistency will eventually be rewarded.

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