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Puppy Training

Tips For Training a Cockapoo Puppy

 Submitted by Nic on May 30, 2012

Cockapoos are highly intelligent dogs that are becoming increasingly popular as companions. They tend to be somewhat passive and have a sweet disposition, but lack of socialization with other dogs can make them aggressive. The first three months of their lives are important as this is the period during which their character and temperament develops.

Training a cockapoo puppy is fairly easy because of their intelligence.

Here are some cockapoo puppy training tips:

• Start your training sessions from day 1.

• Keep the training sessions short; about half an hour for each session.

You can have two to three sessions in a day.

• Be patient with your puppy. Do not train your puppy if you are feeling angry or frustrated.

• Timing is very important when training your puppy. Do not correct your puppy a long time after he has made a mistake. This will only confuse him as he will not understand what he has done wrong.

• Be consistent in your approach. Consistency means giving your puppy the same message every time it makes the same mistake. For example, if it is trying to get up on the couch, scold it every time it tries. Do not scold it once and allow it the next time.

• When potty training your cockapoo puppy, make sure you take him to the designated potty zone first thing in the morning and after every meal and drink. Wait for fifteen minutes after every meal or drink. If your puppy messes in the designated zone praise him. If you catch him messing in the house, interrupt him by making a loud sound and scold him. Then lift him up and take him outside to the designated zone.

• Getting your puppy to tell you that he wants to go is difficult. One suggestion is to have a doorbell that rings every time you take him out.

Teach the puppy to ring the bell every time it needs to go.

• If you are crate training your cockapoo puppy keep a small crate. A small crate would mean that there is a lower likelihood of the puppy messing in the crate.

• Keep your puppy in the crate when you cannot attend to him. This may seem cruel at first but it is for the best. Give it a toy or something to chew on to keep it entertained.

• The mix of Poodle and Spaniel bloodlines can cause problems of aggression if not dealt with early on. Consult your local library for books that will teach you how to deal with the problem.

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