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How to Take Care of Chinchilla?

(May 5, 2010)

Chinchillas make great pets especially if you want indoor pets as they do not require a lot of maintenance, nor space and do not have any odor. Moreover, it is said that their fur is so thick that there is no scope for fleas and other pests to reside in them. Chinchilla care is not at all difficult and if you want to keep them in a cage, make sure that the cage is big and spacious enough that preferably has one or more levels as chinchillas love to climb and jump around. Also, see to it that the flooring of the cage is not of wire. Let their bedding be preferably of aspen or other type of wood shaving and never use cedar shavings as it is known to cause a couple of health problems especially in case of small animals. They will also want a lot of space where they can simply go and hide themselves and for this reason you should make arrangements for plenty of boxes that they can use for this purpose. Chinchilla health care is also very important wherein you need to feed them once a day with chinchilla pellets that can be got from any local store along with hay. If you are not going to be at home for a day or two, you can feed them food that will last them till the time you get back.

Also, you need to give them fresh water to drink everyday preferably in a glass bottle because if it is given in a plastic bowl, they might end up chewing it and breaking it. Pet chinchillas should be given a bath three times a week and you will be surprised to know that chinchilla take a dust bath wherein you will have to purchase chinchilla dust along with a big container in which you put the dust and put it in the cage. The chinchilla will take a dive into the box and roll in it till he feels like. Chinchillas are very playful and fun loving animals and thus, you can add some excitement in their lives by making certain additions in their cage like wheels. You get chinchilla wheels and a round shape wheel that can be attached to the side of the cage can be perfect for them. Baby chinchilla care is even more important as they are very fragile and need to be handled carefully.
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