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How To Treat a Dog with Kennel Cough?

(January 3, 2012)

Dog kennel cough is a serious form of bronchitis that is passed from one dog to another when they are kept in close confines together. This condition is so called because it is often shared amongst dogs in a kennel. This viral condition is extremely contagious and is passed through contaminated air. There are, however, some simple steps that can be taken by the family to cure their dog of this dangerous viral condition.

For dog kennel cough treatment, the first step is to make sure that your dog is not in close contact with other dogs that may be susceptible to this condition. Keep the air around the dog humid, so that the dog’s irritated throat is properly soothed. The air passages may often become inflamed due to this condition, and therefore keeping the air moist can help the dog greatly. To control the symptoms of dog kennel cough, use humidifiers in the area where you keep the dog.

If you have other pets at home, keep your sick dog away from them. The virus that causes kennel cough may be passed on to cats as well, so keep the dog away from the cats as well. Kennel cough can wreak havoc on the dog’s immune system, so it is important to feed your dog enough vitamins to boost immunity. Dogs with a high immunity are usually able to recover from kennel cough very quickly. When the immunity is low, the dog is unable to fight the infection and may succumb to it.

Give your dog some honey every day. Honey soothes an irritated throat and is ideal when a dog has kennel cough. Since honey is sweet in taste, the dog will eat it easily. You may even mix some ginger juice with the honey before giving it to the dog. This enhances the therapeutic properties of the honey. This is one of the best dog kennel cough home remedies. There is a dog kennel cough vaccines that can be given to dogs. This is usually a part of the routine vaccinations and is given to the dog periodically to boost immunity.

Since this condition affects the dog’s respiratory organs, make sure that you avoid smoking around your dog. Second hand smoke may further irritate the dog’s respiratory tract and diminish immunity even further.

Exercise your dog regularly or at least take the dog out for a walk every day, so it can get fresh air. This will help the diseased airways heal better and faster.

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