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Cockatiel bird care

Cockatiel Bird Care

Cockatiel bird care may seem daunting to some, but it is relatively simple when compared to most other pets.

Firstly, when choosing a pet one needs to keep in kind certain things. Pets need to be kept healthy and happy. They also require your time and attention. Different types of bird species have different requirements. The owner must be able to fulfill all these criteria.

Here are some tips on how to care for a cockatiel.

Cockatiels do not need much space. You will be able to keep them happy even in small spaces. Even if you place your cockatiel in a large cage, it will still use only a small portion of it. You also do not need to spend much time feeding it as this will take up only a few minutes each day.

The time consuming part of cockatiel bird care is training. This also requires a great deal of patience. Cockatiels come in different mutations such as lutinos, cinnamon and pearls. When selecting a cockatiel, ensure that you choose one that is healthy. Younger ones that have been hand fed tend to be quite tame. You can obtain information about how to take care of a cockatiel bird at the local pet store. This will help you to provide the right kind of care to your pet. Before brining your bird home, it is advisable to prepare a home for it. The cage may be set in a ventilated and well-lit area. The area should also be quiet so that the cockatiel can adjust properly to the new surroundings. Later on you may change the location of the cage. In fact, it has been observed that cockatiels enjoy being in the presence of family members. The cage must also be spacious to allow the bird to move around freely and should have perches at different levels. Dishes for food and water may be attached to the cage.

Cockatiels may be fed with special seeds that are available at pet stores. You may also keep fresh fruits and vegetables in a separate dish. Empty and clean all dishes at the end of each day and refill them. A good way to keep your cockatiel entertained is to supply them with toys. This will also provide the bird with exercise. It takes a lot of patience to train a cockatiel to talk. Accord a fixed time everyday for training. If you are teaching the bird a single word, repeat it over and over softly. This will take time, but it will eventually learn to say it. 

  Submitted on July 22, 2010  

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