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Freckled Duck Bird Species Information, Diet, Characteristics

Freckled Duck Bird
The Freckled Duck is a broad-bodied, moderately large duck, which is also referred to as Speckled Duck, Oatmeal Duck, Canvasback or the Diamantina Duck. It has a dark grayish-brown back, with fine speckles in white, off-white, buff or pale brown. Its most identifiable feature is its large head, with a peaked crown, unlike [...]

Brown Quail Bird Species Information, Diet, Characteristics

Brown Quail Bird
The Brown Quail also goes by different names such silver quail, swamp quail or partridge quail in the different regions where it is found. It is a plump ground-dwelling bird with short rounded wings. Quails rarely fly. They prefer to hide in the undergrowth, and when flushed out by an intruder, they fly [...]

Spangled Drongo Bird Species Information, Diet, Characteristics

Spangled Drongo Bird
The Spangled Drongo is characterized by glossy black plumage which has a metallic sheen, coupled with iridescent blue, purple and green highlights. These spots or spangles give it the name ‘spangled’. The tail is remarkably long with a distinctive fork, and it has bright blood-red eyes. Occasionally white spots are found on the [...]

Sacred Kingfisher Bird Species Information, Diet

Sacred Kingfisher Bird
A medium-sized bird, the Sacred Kingfisher is about 22 to 23 cm long. The head, shoulders, rump and tail are a dusky turquoise, with brilliant turquoise wings. It has a broad white collar, while the areas like the throat and chin are buff-colored darkening to light ochre. A broad black stripe runs from [...]

Domestic Long Hair Cat Breed | American, British Long Hair Cats

Domestic Long Hair Cat
Longhair cats look beautiful and are a pleasure to keep as pets. There are many different domestic longhair cat breeds. The long hairs of a cat are caused due to a recessive gene. A combination of two genes is required for the cat to be long haired. Cats which have only one [...]

Dehydrated Dog Treat - Dehydrated Dog Treat Reciepes, Dog Treat Reciepes

Dog treats are an invaluable resource for showing your affection and appreciation for your dog. However, if your dog treats are moist or are not packaged properly, their shelf life is very short and they often get spoilt. These dog treats can be used during the training of your dog or for restraining your dog. [...]

Gestation Period in Horse | Mare’s Pregnancy Period Care Tips

Pregnancy in Horses
Gestation or the term of pregnancy in a mare is around 340 days. However, the mare’s breeding history and age can also play a major role in determining how long the gestation period will last before the mare is ready to foal. The weather also plays an important role in determining when the [...]

Equine Diarrhea Causes, Treatments | Symptoms of Equine Diarrhea

Diarrhea in Horses
Diarrhea is loose unformed excess water in the stool. In horses diarrhea is not a disease but a symptom. It is caused when something disrupts the balance of microbes in the colon. In such a situation the water is not absorbed in the colon and is lost as it is passed out with [...]

Shark Catfish Species Health Information | Shark Catfish Characteristics

Shark Catfish Information
The shark catfish belong to the family of fish called Pangasiidae. These shark catfish are generally found in brackish and fresh waters. They are normally located all over southern Asia, starting from Pakistan all the way to Borneo. One of the biggest known freshwater fish is the plant eating Mekong giant catfish Pangasianodon [...]

Cat Hairball Symptoms - Hairballs in Cats, Cat Hairball Remedies, Treatment

A cat making hacking noises and throwing up a cylindrical mass of hairs and mucus can be quite alarming. This problem is cat hairball, a mass of hairs accumulated in the intestine and stomach when the cat grooms and licks its fur thereby swallowing loose hairs. These loose hairs cannot be digested and do not [...]