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Persian Cat Breed:

Persian cats have always been valued for their temperament and beauty.

It is believed that this breed had originated in Persia. It is one of the most popular breeds of cats in the world and can be recognized easily. Highly sought after, Persian cats are treasured pets.

Physical characteristics: These beautiful cats have soft and long hair; a strong build; large and expressive eyes; chubby cheeks; and a high nose. They have well-rounded, low ears; and a round and wide head.

These cats come in a variety of colors and the various color categories include Himalayan, Bicolor, Particolor, Tabby Division, shaded and Smoke, Silver and Golden, and solid color.

Persian Cat Temperament:

Persian cats are so popular because they not only look good but have an amiable personality. They make for great family pets and easily adapt to their surroundings. They are not hyperactive and jumpy cats, and are generally docile and calm. Persian cats are also affectionate and loving and aren’t pushy when it comes to getting the attention of the owner.

They are a quiet breed of cats and are not too vocal. Persian cats adjust well with other family members and pets.

Persian Cat Grooming:

Do remember that Persians need a lot of grooming. If you are planning to get a Persian cat, remember to brush him everyday and wash his face daily. You need to bathe the cat at least once a month. You will need to take care of its eyes and groom it well. Some people with allergies, give their cat a lion cut. Persian cats are indoor pets, so don’t let your cat lounge in the backyard everyday.

Persian Cat Health: It is important to know about pet health care before getting any pet. Here is some pet health information about Persians cats. These cats are a hardy and healthy breed. Extreme-faced Persian cats can have respiratory problems and some of them, especially the ones with lower noses are prone to tearing. It is advisable to speak to a vet to know more about pet health issues and before adopting a Persian cat.

More about Persian cats: This cat is not for anyone who is looking for a hyperactive cat. Persian are placid and calm. While they enjoy lounging, they like to play at intervals too. These are intelligent cats and some of the cats can be inquisitive.

Persian cats are devoted to their owners. Often family members have to earn their love and trust. Persian enjoy being fussed over and are up for a cuddle any time of the day. However, you have set aside a lot of time for your cat as it needs a lot of grooming and needs your attention.


  Submitted on November 10, 2011