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Toyger Cat Breed:

The Toyger is that breed of cat that resulted from breeding domestic tabbies with the intention of getting them to resemble the toy tiger.

They were first bred by Judy Sudgen in 1980’s with the hope of inspiring people around the world to become aware and to care about the conservation of the hunted tigers of the world. She mixed her own cat with a Bengal breed from India in the endeavor to get the big cat body. These cats tend to have almond shaped eyes, small round ears with a uniformly short coat. A tail that is long but not thick, athletic looking.

The markings on the Toyger can be tan, brown or black. The body stripes tend to be vertically aligned with marks that are encircling on the tail, neck and legs. The eyes have marks that look like mascara has been applied.

Some of the common health problems to watch out for are formation of hairballs in the digestive tract or even in the intestine. Cats are very particular about grooming themselves and tend to swallow any loose hair that gets on their tongue.

At times the hair can get lodged in the digestive tract in the form of a hairball. An indication of this would be if the Toyger starts hacking or coughing. Normally the cat can dislodge this by themselves. It is when the hairball gets stuck in the intestinal track that the problem can become a life threatening one. Indications of this problem would be if the cat shows signs of being constipated or does not eat well or is unusually lethargic. Show the cat to a vet immediately. Regular grooming should help keep this problem at bay. Worms are another recurring infection that can affect Toyger cats. Tapeworms, hookworms, roundworms and occasionally even heartworms can affect them. They can be cured quite easily with the appropriate medication. If heartworms however are left untreated, they can ultimately be fatal. Urinary tract infections can also affect the Toyger and can be treated quite effectively by the veterinarian. They can also suffer from infections like Feline Infections Peritonitis or FIP. A Toyger suffering from this ailment will display symptoms like watery eyes, nasal discharge, sneezing and lethargy. They may also suffer from what is known as the Lyme disease. This generally occurs among outdoor cats which get ticks. This disease can also pass on to humans. Some of the symptoms include lethargy, limping, appetite loss etc. The best way to ensure that the Toyger cats stay healthy is to give them their vaccinations on time and pay regular visits to the vet. Also ensure that they follow the recommended diets and get adequate exercise.

  Submitted on February 12, 2010