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Burmese Cat Breed

The Burmese cat is a breed of domesticated cat that is split into two subgroups known as the American Burmese and the British Burmese.

Some information about the Burmese cat is that they were originally brown but after years of selective breeding they are now produced in a wide range of colors. Burmese cats are renowned for their sociable and friendly behavior with humans. They are also known to be very intelligent. The Burmese cats can be very vocal, and are known to call out to their owners.

Grooming a Burmese cat is not required too much as these cats have a short, fine coat. Combing through their hair once a week is more than enough. This helps to keep them looking glossy, shiny and healthy. In fact, if desired you can rub them over with a soft washcloth or any kind of grooming glove to help pick up any loose hair.

Some health issues related to the Burmese cat include the occurrence of diabetes which is actually quite common in these cats. Some of the signs to watch out for are increased thirst, which leads to increased urination. Other signs include increased appetite and weight loss concerns. A healthy diabetic Burmese cat can be treated with insulin injections. An untreated case of diabetes can result in a severe illness known as diabetes ketoacidosis.

Burmese cats are known to be strict carnivores and hence require a diet which consists of food of animal origin for them to survive. All cats are unique in the sense that they need very specific nutrients for their survival, which cannot always be manufactured in their body and are not necessarily present in those foods of plant origin. Hence these essential nutrients can be found in most animal tissue and must be additionally supplied in the Burmese cat’s diet. These include taurine, and certain fatty acids. While Burmese cats are known to be clean a good way to train a Burmese cat to be toilet trained requires time and patience. There are different varieties of litter boxes available to train the Burmese kittens. Start by restraining the kitten in a particular room. When you notice that the kitten is indicating that it wants to pass urine or feces, gently lift him and put him in a litter box. Once having used the litter box the urine smell will remain there and after the next few times of the owner taking the kitten to the litter box, the kitten will automatically realize. It will then start making its way to the litter box itself as cats are generally clean and fastidious and do not like a mess.

  Submitted on March 23, 2010