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Somali Cat Information:

Somali cats are attractive, confident, clever and affectionate.

Those who have Somali cats as pets say that it’s a delightful companion and a great pet.

It is believed that longhairs isn’t a trait that’s been very common in Abyssinian litters, and from 1960, several breeders in England, USA and Australia  worked towards getting acceptance and recognition of the semi-longhaired Abyssinian cat. Now the Somali cat is a recognized breed of cat all across the world.

Appearance: Somali cats are of medium built and are athletic and elegant.

Male cats weight about 4-5 kilograms while the females are smaller and lighter. The faces of these cats have tabby markings, but the rest of the coat does not have tabby markings. These cats have large ears that are pricked forward.

Somali cats have curious and alert expressions of their faces, and their eyes are ambler or green. A rich tint of the eyes is preferable.

In Australia, these cats are found on four colors such as Tawny, Fawn, Blue and Cinnamon, also known as sorrel. These colors can also be in a silver version and are then known as Fawn Silver, Blue Silver, Cinnamon Silver and Black Silver. In some places breeders are breeding chocolate silver and chocolate.

Somali coat: The coat of a Somali cat is longest in the ruff and the breeches. The best feature is the cat’s tail, which has got them the nick name of Feline Fox. It is easy to care for their beautiful and rich coat. Since their fur is silky, it does not matt easily. So do remember to comb your cat weekly to make your Somali look and feel good. Cats enjoy being groomed and looked after.

Personality: These cats are energetic, bubbly, bright and have loving personalities. Somalis are active and intelligent cats and are devoted to their owners. They are affectionate towards their family and are total extroverts who enjoy mingling with visitors. They like to make their presence felt and add a sparkle to the owners’ lives. Your Somali cat will enjoy sitting on your shoulder as you go about doing your chores.

Somali cats also don’t mind walking on a lead and enjoy playing fetch. While these cats are boisterous when they are playing, they are gentle with children and are good companions for older kids. These cats enjoy sitting close to the owner. Somali cats like to lick and groom other people’s hair.

  Submitted on February 23, 2010