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American shorthair

American Shorthair Cat

The American shorthair cat breed is very friendly, affectionate, sociable and adaptable.

These cats are very athletic, and robust. These cats are medium to large in size. They have a firm, powerful body. Males have well-developed chests and hindquarters. Since these cats are working cats, they have a lot of stamina, patience, self-control and are great hunters.

They have long powerful limbs, solids muzzle and jaws. The American shorthair’s fur adapts to all seasons easily. They have a sort, dense and glossy fur. Their fur is dense enough to protect against winter, rain and other minor injuries. Since the coat is short and fine, it doesn’t get tangled.

Also the personality of these cats is independent, good natured, robust, versatile, friendly, healthy and intelligent. They also get along well with other pets, even dogs. They love children and are very gentle with them.

The grooming requirements of this breed are minimal. Since this breed does not have a long fur, it does not need combing daily. Their short, dense fur coat can be combed twice or thrice in a week to get rid of the dead hair. These are low maintenance cats. These cats shed in the spring. These cats are very healthy and rarely face health issues. Cats which reside in the house should be taken for a vet visit once in a year. However outdoor cats should be taken to the vet at least four times in a year. When taking them to the vet, make sure you carry their stool samples so that the vet can check for internal parasites like whip worms, hook worms, tape worms and ringworms. Get the cat checked for ear mites and also check the oral health of the cat. Watch how much food you give to your cat as weight is a problem with American shorthair breed. These cats are known to have a healthy and long life. At about six months, one should get the kittens examined for sexual maturity and take decisions for birth control if needed.
The American shorthair has more than eighty colors. The patterns are varied too.  The usual colors found in this cat breed are brown, calico, white, silver, smoke and others. One of the most famous today is a silver tabby which has dark prominent black marking. These cats take longer to mature. They take around three to four years to mature.

  Submitted on May 7, 2010