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Japanese bobtail

Japanese Bobtail

Cats are probably the second most popular pet all over the world, second only to dogs.

Cats are extremely good companions, although they may tend to have a ‘couldn’t care less’ attitude in some cases. There are a number of different varieties of cats, some more rare than others. The Japanese bobtail is a type of cat that it primarily found in Japan and South East Asian regions.

Japanese bobtails are characterized by their ‘bobbed’ tail that closely resembles that of a rabbit. The tail is considered to be the result of a recessive gene that is part of genetic mutation – thereby causing any kitten that is born to a pair of bobtail parents to have the same feature. The Japanese bobtail is considered to be a rich part of Japanese heritage and has been depicted in a number of works of art.

The animal itself is of small to medium size and is a very intelligent breed of cat. It is also very highly regarded for the elegance and grace with which it moves. The Japanese bobtail can be found in a variety of colors although the brighter colors such as the calico tend to be most owners preferred choice.

The Japanese bobtail is known to be rather friendly and get on well with most other breeds of cat. However, when two females are paired together, they will tend to decide that they need to be the dominant cat, causing a few squabbles once in a while. Another very interesting characteristic of the Japanese bobtail is the fact that its courage and fearlessness allow it to get along with dogs just fine. Japanese bobtail kittens are usually born in sets of about three or four and the kittens are surprisingly large when compared to kittens of most other breeds. Because of their high intelligence levels, Japanese bobtails are usually quite inclined to learn new tricks and active and have lifespan of 15 and 18 years. Although a very rare occurrence, some Japanese bobtails are seen to have mismatched eyes – where each eye is of a different color. This occurrence has no effect on the animals eyesight. The coat of the Japanese bobtail will feel rather soft and silky while its hair should be cropped rather short. However, some Japanese bobtails have semi long hairs and belly shag with very defined britches on the hind legs. Both these coats are quite water resistant and are thereby, rather hard to bathe.

  Submitted on July 22, 2010