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Exotic shorthair

Exotic Shorthair Cats

Cats are a very common household pet that are very highly regarded for their companionship as well as tenderness and loving nature.

However, some cats do tend to develop a ‘couldn’t care less attitude’ as long as they are fed on a timely basis. Cats are probably only second to dogs when it comes to popular household pets and come in a variety of breeds – all differing in appearance as well as temperament. The exotic shorthair is one breed of cat that is very similar to the Persian cat.

One of the most obvious physical differences is the fact that the Exotic shorthair sports a short, plush coat. The animal has a rather quaint look and its face seems to appear much like that of a teddy bear. Because of their similarity to the Persian cats, they are often referred to as a lazy persons Persian.

These exotic cats have a very compact and powerful body as well as a thick, muscular neck. Its eyes are rather large and round while the comparatively small ears can give the animal a highly neotenic appearance. The exotic shorthair cat has a personality that is very similar to the Persian as well. These exotic cats are very gentle and calm, although they are known to be much livelier than their predecessors. Its playful character allows it to gel well with most other breeds of cat as well as other animals including dogs. The animal dos not like being left alone and will constantly look for some presence of individuals that it is attached to. The exotic shorthair cats are also known to be a little more affectionate and loving than most other cats.

Probably the biggest advantage that this exotic pet cat has over its Persian ancestor is the fact that it is not a high maintenance cat. The long haired coat on a Persian is known to shed excessively, which will make cleaning up for the home owner a tiresome and regular requirement. The exotic shorthair cat is also known to mature rather late and only hit puberty after a couple of years. Just as with almost any animal, exotic shorthair cats are prone to a few medical problems as well. The most common medical problem that they face is the overflowing of the nasolacrimal duct – causing a lot of dampening and staining of the face. Regularly wiping the cats face with the help of a moist cloth will help significantly.

  Submitted on October 22, 2010