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Small cats

Tiny Cat Breeds

Small cats are great for those owners who have smaller houses or living areas and can thus enjoy having a small cat for a pet in spite of limited space.

There are a variety of small cats that are available to choose from. These include the Abyssinian, the American curl, the Balinese, the Colorpoint the Cornish Rex, the Devon Rex, the Russian Blue, the Javanese, the Singapura etc. Some cats can be smaller than the usual for various reasons. These might be genetic reasons, hormonal reasons or even environmental reasons.

Some time tiny cats are the result of injury for example when there has been some damage to the pituitary gland or the thyroid gland. The smallest cat breed is the Singapura. It first originated on the streets of Singapore. They are officially termed as the smallest cat breeds in the world.

They are defined by their short, distinctive, ticked sepia coats which are very silky to touch. They have large distinctive eyes which are usually green or amber. These cats are good for those who like their cats to stay kitten like for a long time. They can be inquisitive and smart cats. They come in a single color, brown or beige and are often referred to as sepia agouti or brown ticked agouti. The Singapura cat gets its name from the Malaysian name given to Singapore. They are also called the Singapore river cats or the drain cats as they were generally known to live in the city drains. Due to their smaller sizes they give the appearance of being delicate, when in fact they are muscular and quite heavy. Some of the health concerns that breeders have with regard to the Singapura breed is a condition that is referred to as uterine inertia. This is the inability to push the fetus out due to extremely weak muscles. There are no other known genetic problems that exist among the Singapura breed.

Another small cat breed is the Rusty spotted cat. It measures just about 14 to about 17 inches in its body and also its head and another 6 – 10 inches for its tail. They are normally known to weigh about 1.5 kg, but at times can weigh even lesser at 1 kg. The small cat breed is normally accepted and believed to be even smaller that the close second which is the Black Footed cat. This cat measures about 14 – 21 inches in its body and about 5 – 8 inches in its tail length.

  Submitted on May 7, 2010