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Bombay Cat Breed:

Nikki Horner created the Bombay cat by breeding a black American Shorthair and a sable Burmese.

The aim was to get a cat that is deep black in color and has bright copper colored eyes. After several years of breeding since starting in 1953, the Bombay cat often known as the ‘Parlor Panther’ was created. The cat was bred in Kentucky, USA, yet named Bombay due its exotic nature.
The Bombay has a sleek, short, glossy and black coat and copper colored eyes thus the name Parlor Panther as well.

Although available in colors like Lilac, Blue, Sable, Red and Chocolate, the accepted color for showings is black. The Bombay cat is medium sized and has a well built body with a sturdy structure and are surprisingly heavy for their size. Male Bombays weigh between 8 to 11 pounds and female Bombays weigh between 6 to 9 pounds. Full and quite rounded chests with backs level between shoulders to their tails the Bombay looks majestic.

The head is medium to large, round and the Bombay has a short muzzle with ample width between the eyes. The ears have rounded tips, tilt forward slightly and are set wide apart on the rounded skull. The eyes range from copper to gold, are round and large. They can also be green in older cats. The Bombays hind legs tend to be slightly longer than the ones in the front, however are in proportion to the body. Bombays reach adulthood or reach their full physical development after around a year and a half from birth.

Calm and laid-back characteristics make the Bombay a very suitable indoor cat. An intelligent breed, it can be taught tricks and is easily trained. They are very agile, active and affectionate animals and get along extremely well with children. They enjoy getting involved in all kinds of games and also play fetch. A Bombay cat will attempt to become the top cat if it shares the house with other cats. Affectionate and a lover of human company, the Bombay reciprocates to the owners’ affection instantly. Curious by nature, they like to examine or investigate activities that their humans are occupied with at all times. The Bombay cat has a very healthy appetite and even if the diet is not controlled, does not tend to become over weight. The coat being very short and tight is also rich in natural oils, making it very low maintenance, however, the Bombay cat enjoys an occasional brushing.

  Submitted on January 22, 2010