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Big cats

Large Cat Breeds

The term big cats are mainly used in an informal sense to help distinguish between the larger species of cats and the smaller species.

There is one definition for the term big cats which refers to the members of the Panthera genus. These are the lion, tiger, leopard and jaguar. These cats are members of this genus simply because they are the only cats that are able to roar. The more expansive and wider definition also includes the snow leopard, the cougar and the cheetah under the term big cats.

Most of these cats are similar in behavior and structure. They only really differ in size. All cats are known to be carnivores and also predators by nature.

Different species of cats have different temperaments.

The large cat breeds are not overtly aggressive animals but the point to remember is that their natural tendencies to being predators and simply their size and strength need to be taken into account. The largest domestic cat is the Savannah. This is a hybrid cat breed which is domestic. In actuality it is a cross between a domestic cat and the serval.

The big domestic cats can also include lions, tigers and cougars as pets. The lions and tigers are quite inexpensive to buy. But since these animals are wild cats and carnivores keeping them as pets is not advisable unless the owner is fully equipped to take care of these big cat breeds. When they are not taken care of well or are abused or neglected then these cats can die or suffer from serious pet health issues. There are also plenty of noted reports of mauling and fatalities by these big cats that are being reared as pets. Some of the species in the cat family include the Andean mountain cat, the Bay cat, the bobcat, the cheetah, the Chinese desert cat, the Clouded leopard, the Fishing cat, the Jaguarondi, the Lynx, the Ocelot, the Rusty spotted cat etc. Some of the large domestic cat breeds include the Maine Coon, the Ragamuffin, the Ragdoll, the Ocicat, the Pixie bobs, and the Turkish Van. The large domestic cats are normally quite good natured and friendly. They are normally quit dependant on their owners.  They prefer companionship and need affection. Some of these large cats even tend to exhibit dog like characteristics in the way they will follow their owners etc. In most large cats the male cat tends to be larger than the female cat.

  Submitted on May 7, 2010