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Munchkin Cat Breeds:

The Munchkin breed of cats is a comparatively new breed and the factor that separates them from the regular cats is that they have unusually short legs.

The short legs are much like those of a Daschund or Basset Hound, but are due to spontaneous change in genetic heritage, which introduced a similar gene. However, the short legs do not seem to get in the way with the cats running and leaping. The breed is said to have been around since before the World War II near Stalingrad in Germany and in Great Britain, however, disappeared after a few generations.

Found to be on its haunches with its front legs up in the air, the breed was named the ‘Stalingrad Kangaroo Cat’. It was rediscovered in Louisiana, United States in 1983 by girl, Sandra Hochenedel.

They are said to have originated from the domesticated cat and is a product of nature unlike other manmade breeds.

A playful natured cat, the Munchkin breed is known to be quite lively and love to chase moving things and run around. The male Munchkin weighs between 6 to 9 pounds and is usually larger than the female Munchkin, which weighs between 4 to 8 pounds. It is a medium sized cat with a large, broad semi-foreign body type and a well-formed chest. The litter of Munchkin cats is likely to consist of short legged and normal or long legged kittens. They are found to be of various colors, patterns and with both long and short coat hair. Even though they have short legs, the Munchkin cats are able to jump to great heights like tabletops or counter tops and are also able to run extremely fast. Like the Daschund, the Munchkin does not suffer from spine problems due to its short legs.
Being enjoyable and playful by nature, the Munchkin breed is very friendly and love to spend time with humans. Munchkin cat pets need plenty of attention, brushing is recommended once a week for shorthaired Munchkin cats and twice a week for longhaired

Munchkin cats so as to get knots out of the long hair. They are sociable and smart animals who love to be pampered and also like to play fetch. Munchkins are also said to be very tolerant to children and other pets. The amazing breed retains its kitten like personality and behavior throughout their lives and remains a delightful pet.

  Submitted on January 22, 2010