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Maine coon

Maine Coon Cat Breed:

The maine coon is one of the most distinctive breeds of cats around and is considered to be one of the oldest natural breeds if cats in North America.

These animals are highly regarded for their survival instincts and the fact that they are very hardy animals. The Maine coon has a rather large bone structure and has a rectangular body shape with a long, flowing coat. The animal originally got its name from the assumption that the breed originated from the state of Maine.

However, the actual origins of the maine coon are still relatively unknown with a number of myths attempting to explain their existence. The maine coon were early longhaired

Persians and Angoras that used to be rather poplar in the times of old in England. As a result of natural breeding between these cats and the local feline population, a breed of long haired kittens were crated – coming to be known as coons.

While people will tend to exaggerate the size of the maine coons and claim that they grow to about 30 or 40 pounds, in reality they are not really as heavy as they appear. While they have heavy bones, it is their very bulky fur that gives them an exaggerated appearance. The males are much larger than their female counterparts and can reach a weight of about 13 to 18 pounds while the females remain at about 9 and 12 pounds. These feline creatures grow to their full size slowly over a period of about three to four years. The animals are known to be very friendly and do not seem to lose their enthusiasm even when they continue to age. They have an overall laid back attitude and get on rather well with almost any breed of cat. These animals are also very fond of water and would not really shy away from a bath or even an occasional swim – something quite uncommon for cats. Owners have also noticed that the pets have a tendency to scrap the surface of the water in their bowls for imaginary leaves. The maine coons come in a variety of coat colors. Any eye color is also acceptable apart from solid white. It is not uncommon for the animal to have odd eye colors such as when one eye is blue and another is gold. Because of their outstanding personality, they make very good household pets.

  Submitted on January 22, 2010