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Ragdoll Cat Breeds:

Ragdoll is a manmade breed of cats.

It is said to have been created after breeding a Josephine female to both a Burmese and Birman male by a breeder from California, Ann Baker in 1963. There are several stories about the name Ragdoll and an automobile accident and also that the breed is resistant to pain, all of which are untrue. They tend to relax completely and go limp when held, hence the name Ragdoll.

Ragdoll cats make very good pets for children due to their non-aggressive, affectionate, playful and easygoing nature.

Ragdoll cats are large and powerfully built with a wide chest, broad head with wide cheeks and large round paws. They have a dense, silky and longhaired coat, which is not difficult to groom, as there is no undercoat unlike the Persian cats. The kittens are white in color and develop color gradually as they grow older, deepening slowly with age.

They usually have darker points on the face, legs, ears and tail, sometimes with white markings. Ragdoll cats have large, oval, slanted and deep blue eyes. The adult Ragdoll male usually weighs anywhere between 12 to 22 pounds (sometimes more) and the smaller female weighs between 10 to 15 pounds on an average. They are slow to mature and take up to 4 years to reach full adulthood and attain the desired coat color and quality. The Ragdoll cat is listed as one of the largest breeds of pet cats by the Guinness Book of world records.

Known to be a non-fighting and extremely meek breed, the Ragdoll cat is very gullible and thinks of all humans as friends, hence recommended to have as an indoors only pet. Even upon being attacked, the Ragdoll cats do not fight back or defend themselves. They are extremely people oriented and often follow their owners around from room to room as they love being around humans. As stated earlier, they tend to relax when they are held and also like a stomach rub unlike other cats. Fairly active by nature, Ragdolls love playing with toys and being involved in games. They are not extremely vocal and use their pleasant voices during mealtime. Ragdolls can become depressed if ignored by their owners; hence, it is important to give enough attention to them. They should be groomed at least twice a week due to their long hair, preventing hairball formation that is a health risk as they can cause intestinal blockage.

  Submitted on January 22, 2010