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Exotic cat

Exotic Cat Breeds

The term exotic cat breeds usually refers to two categories.

One category consists of the cat breeds which are mainly hybrid breeds that come from wildcats. The second category consists of a type of breed which is a cross between the American shorthair and Persian cat. These cats have the physical characteristics of Persian cats, without the long hair that is a marked attribute of Persian cats.

The exotic breed consisting of the shorthaired Persian cats came into existence in the sixties. The hair of these cats is dense, fluffy and erect.

It is longer than most shorthaired breeds. These cats also have a huge, broad skull which is proportion to their bodies. Their temperament is calm and mild, although they are livelier that Persian cat. They do not make much of a noise, unless they are provoked or agitated. They display a marked loyalty to their masters and are known for their companionship qualities.

They are able to maintain their fur by themselves, but sometimes brushing may be required. Hybrid cat breeds are a category of exotic cat breeds which are produced from wildcats. Some of these breeds are relatively new, while others have been around for ages. A well known exotic cat breed of this type is the Bengal cat, which is produced from domestic cat breeds and Asian leopard cats. Another example of this breed is the safari cat, which comes from a combination of a domestic cat and a geoffroy’s cat. The breed began to be produced in the seventies, but due to restrictions it became extinct. Recently it has been revived again and has received a fair amount of acclaim.

Another type of exotic cat breed is the savannah cat. It is produced from a combination of a domestic cat and an African serval. This is one of the largest breeds of domestic cats in the world. This breed is found in varying generations. The sizes and personalities of the breeds vary from generation to generation. A recent addition to the category of exotic cat breeds is the habari. This is a unique breed which is a combination of the genes of wildcats and that of other hybrids. The habari was initially developed as a pet. One of the oldest exotic cat breeds is the Egyptian maus. It is a domestic cat breed which has the characteristics of wildcats. They are a very beautiful breed and many people keep them for their unique characteristics.

  Submitted on May 12, 2010