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Egyptian mau

Egyptian Mau Breed of Cat:

A rare breed of cats, the Egyptian Maus are short-haired and medium to small in size.

They have natural spots all over their bodies and are largely domesticated. The spots on the cats are not limited to their coats but are also on their skin. In fact, if you completely shave the fur off of an Egyptian Mau, you will still be able to see the spots.

The Egyptian Mau is an ancient breed of cats.

There is, in fact, evidence of domestication of this breed dating back as far as three thousand years. Many of the ancient Egyptian art works have depictions of this cat. The lineage of the Egyptian Mau is very long. The cats have been bred from natural stock, unlike some of the other spotted cats which have been crossed with other cats to obtain the spots.

The Mau has a distinctive look owing to its significantly smaller size as compared to other spotted breeds. It is said that the Egyptian Mau has the compactness and the elegance of the Burmese and the Siamese breeds. All three of these breeds are exotic and rare.

It has been found that when it comes to speed, the Egyptian Mau is the fastest of all domesticated cats. The cat has longer hind legs which helps it gain a higher acceleration. The Egyptian Mau has been observed to run at an average speed of 48 kmph. These cats are also extremely agile and swift. They have a very sweet and musical voice. Their vocalizations are quite unusual for their species. They are known to chirp and chortle pleasantly, something which is not usually done by cats. A happy Egyptian Mau can often been seen wiggling its tail. This is another behavior that is distinct to the Egyptian Mau.Typically, an Egyptian Mau is muscular and slender. It prefers very warm temperatures and exhibits distinct behavioral differences as compared to other cat breeds. In fact, a lot of owners describe the personality of the Mau to be dog-like. It is believed that their traits of loyalty and friendliness do not belong to the cat species at all.

Specific Egyptian Mau health issues have so far not been noted. It has been observed, however, that the Maus are a little more sensitive to both medicines and chemicals. They have a deep understanding of their surroundings and are innately intelligent, which helps them enjoy outdoor life. Their speed also helps them in this regard.

  Submitted on February 9, 2010