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Tiffany Cat Breed:

Physical appearance: The Tiffany cat is a semi-foreign cat of medium size.

That looks beautiful and striking. It has a rich colored, semi-long, silky coat and a plumed tail. It has a contrasting neck ruff as well as ear streamers that makes it look showy and distinctive. It has a medium-sized head with a gently sloped nose as well as a broad and short muzzle. The muzzle is softly squared with a break and gentle contours.

The Tiffany cat has a firm chin and broad and high cheekbones.

This cat has amber or golden yellow oval eyes. And Tiffany owners will tell you that these cats have the most expressive look. The ears are medium in size and broad at the base, with rounded tips that tilt outward and forward. The cat has a medium-sized body and isn’t svelte or cobby. It has medium boning and musculature.

Female cats weigh 6-8 pounds while males weigh 8-10 pounds. This breed of cats has lustrous and rich coloration in fawn, lilac, cinnamon, blue and of course, chocolate, the color that it’s so well-known for. It has either tabby patterns or a solid color. The cat becomes more beautiful as it grows and it has minimal shedding.

Tiffany Cat Temperament:

Tiffany cats are loyal and are very affectionate. They bond well with the owner and are great companions. They aren’t overly naughty or demanding. Also, these cats aren’t as active as the Orientals and neither as quiet as the Persians. They have a moderate and well-balanced personality. They generally bond very well with one person in the house hold and consider that person to be their special companions. Trills and quiet ‘chirps’ are the characteristic way that a Tiffany cat interacts with its owner. These cats do not do very well if left alone for long hours. They get rather lonely and it is advisable to spend time with your cat. If you are working full time, then it is advisable to get a companion pet. Tiffanies get along well with children in the household as well as other pets. These cats do not need a lot of maintenance.

These cats have a gentle temperament and are easily manageable. It becomes especially attached to one person in the household. Tiffany cats are friendly in nature but are quiet around strangers. They respond well to their name and are devoted to their owner.

Tiffany Cat Grooming:

You don’t need to lavish extensive care on these cats. It shed very less and this is generally tolerated by people who are allergic. You need to comb its fur occasionally and have to pay attention to its hindquarters and ruff. It is advisable to swab the cat’s ears regularly.

  Submitted on February 23, 2010