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My Cat is Vomiting Yellow Bile, White Foam | What Causes Cat Diarrhea

Cat Vomiting Yellow Bile
There are a number of illnesses that your cats can get affected with and diarrhea and vomiting are some of them that are experienced by cats at some point or the other and may even occur together. The reasons for these could be varied but it is essential that you find what [...]

Calm Spooky Horse | Calming a Spooky Horse | How To Calm Spooky Horse

Calm Spooky Horse
Horses are very beautiful animals and great companions if you can afford to care for one. Sometimes horses get spooky, anxious and hyperactive when they are overfed. Very often even after being trained to be tame they can get nervous about something and get agitated. This can be very dangerous for the rider [...]

My Horse is Sick | Signs of Horse Sickness | Feeding Sick Horse

My Horse is Sick
Many horse owners have to go through the pain of caring for a sick horse at some time or the other. It is thus important for horse owners to know How to Care for Sick Horse recovering from some injury or sickness. In order to get the right treatment and diagnosis for [...]

Dog Crying in Sleep | My Dog Is Whining at Night - How to Stop

Dog Crying in Sleep
Dog are wonderful animals to have as pets. They can be a lot of fun and very affectionate. Dogs are social animals and love to be in the company of other dogs and people they have bonded with. As a dog owner you are responsible not only for feeding and providing your [...]

Cat Mammary Cancer | Treatment, Symptoms of Feline Mammary Tumor

Cat Mammary Cancer
Cancer is a dreaded disease not only in human beings but also in animals. Cats are susceptible to this serious condition and there are a number of different types of cancer that can affect them. Cat mammary cancer is one such type of cancer wherein the tumor is growing in the mammary glands. [...]

Good, Best Quality Cat Foods | What is Highest Quality Cat Food

Quality Cat Foods
Caring for any pet involves regular visits to the vet, adequate exercise, and an observant eye looking out for any signs of illness. One of the most important tasks for you as a cat owner however would be to pick out quality cat food. Choosing a quality cat food may seem simple enough, [...]

Bird Species Identification | Tips on How to Identify Bird Species

Bird Species Identification
Bird species identification is one of the most pleasurable sports for nature lovers and bird lovers alike. Since specific birds are found only in specific places, bird watching and identification can be a very interesting exercise. Birds have some characteristic identification marks as well as calling sounds. For identifying bird species, ornithologists not [...]

Homemade Baby Bird Food Mixture, Recipes | How to Make Baby Bird Food

Homemade Baby Bird Food
Baby birds are delicate and need special care. They must be kept in the proper conditions and given appropriate baby bird food. Just like other infants, they must be fed at regular intervals. If you come across a baby bird that has fallen out of its nest, it is advisable to call [...]

Goldfish Health Problems, Symptoms | Goldfish Health Care Issues

Goldfish Health
If you have a pet fish, you probably know how susceptible they can be to health problems. Goldfish, when kept in an indoor aquarium, become susceptible to several diseases. Fortunately, not only can these diseases be treated, they can be prevented as well. Goldfish health is very delicate and it is important to take [...]

Parakreet Bird Care Information | How to Care for Parakreet Bird

Parakreet Bird Care
Parakeets are beautiful little birds, and are usually found in central Australia. They are also often referred to as ‘budgerigars’ or ‘budgies’. While its scientific name is ‘Melopsittacus undulates’, it is also called ‘parakeet’ because it looks like a little parrot. These birds are very popular as domestic pets, because they look pretty, [...]