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Canned cat food

Canned Foods for Cat

Although a large number of people are known to rely on the dry cat food and consider it to be the staple part of their cat’s diet, what is actually essential for developing strong muscles and bones in the cat is canned cat food.

Wellness canned cat food also helps in mitigating any other potential problems that are caused or are the result of an all dry diet of cat food. Most feline experts on nutrition normally recommend a diet of raw meat for cats. But this is not necessarily workable for all cat caregivers.

The other feline expert’s advice canned food. Some of the best canned cat for the healthy maintenance of the cat should be the main basis of the cat’s food. Most of the canned cat food comes in the form of dry food which is also referred to as kibbles occasionally or in the form of wet canned food.

Dry cat food is normally made by a certain type of cooking called extrusion cooking, which is basically cooking under very high heat and also pressure. Occasionally fat may be sprayed on to the food with the aim of increasing palatability. Sometimes heat sensitive vitamins are added later too as the vitamins may be destroyed during the extrusion process.

Major dry cat food manufacturers tend to use grain basis with some animal proteins or even animal digests in efforts to cut costs. Grain free diets also contain carbohydrates which they derive from sources like tapioca and potato. The starch that these ingredients contain permits the kibbles to maintain their shape. Most owners and most veterinarians tend to recommend a diet which consists largely or almost entirely of homemade, natural balance canned cat food, or  even raw cat food which point to greater water content of this food and a higher total water consumption as compared to the dry food diet. This is considered to be vital health benefit. Wet food is also known to generally contain much lesser grain and any type of carbohydrate material. Many cat foods are made up of fish, but even an overdose of fish can lead to yellow fat disease. The best canned cat food diet includes a mixture of raw meat and bones. In spite of years of domestication cats who have descended from the wild cats are still strong meat eaters and need diets that are rich in protein to stay healthy and fit.

  Submitted on May 7, 2010