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Low Residue Cat Diet:

Cat constipation problems are a rather common occurrence that needs to be treated with great care, as negligence of the same could lead to serious conditions.

The best way to counter this illness is by putting your cat on a low residue diet. A low residue cat food becomes important in such situations as it helps to reduce the frequency and volume of stools as the fiber in this food serves several purposes.

Moreover, this food is highly digestible and produces minimal waste while the other ingredients increase the health of your cats in a number of ways. The food should contain the right amount of fiber, not too much or too little and the fiber content can be increased in the diet but only once the immediate constipation is alleviated.

Cats are said to digest protein and fat best but have an issue when it comes to digesting carbohydrates so it is important that you keep this in mind and put them on a diet accordingly.

During constipation it is important that you maintain the water balance in cats and keep them well hydrated. A low residue cat food is one that contains ingredients that are very easy to digest and animal protein is digested most easily in cats. They can also digest a small amount of fat but some cats have difficulty in digesting it as compared to other cats. The best recommended low residue food would be one that contains low fat animal protein and less than 4 percent fiber and food with high moisture content also helps your cat to digest the ingredients as well keep them hydrated. You need to ensure that the food should be low in grains as cats cannot digest these easily. A high quality low residue cat food contains all the ingredients that enable to keep the stool soft.  

Lactulose is a sugary syrup that keeps the stool soft by holding water in the stool and therefore, you can check if this ingredient is present in your cat food. A good low residue cat food contains other ingredients like omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids keep the digestion moving. Natural cat food is nothing but homemade cat food which is probably the best you can give your cat. You should keep in mind that homemade cat food would tend to have a low fiber content and it would be a good idea to add a little rice bran or perhaps powdered psyllium to the food.

  Submitted on May 7, 2010