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Natural balance cat food

Balanced Foods for Cat:

Natural cat food is a healthy option for your cat.

There are several reputed brands of natural balance cat food in the market that you can choose from. Ensure that you purchase a trustworthy brand of cat food that is designed for your cat’s requirements. Before planning your cat’s diet, it is always important to consider your cat’s specific needs in terms of nutritional requirement and, possible allergies and disorders.

For instance, cats who suffer from digestive problems require a higher level of fiber in their diets. Consult your veterinarian about the best diet plan for your cat. In addition, there are several simple recipes for making natural cat food at home that can help protect your cat’s health.

Homemade natural cat food has several advantages. For instance, you can prepare a specialized food to suit your cat’s needs. Moreover, homemade cat food will be free from harmful synthetic and chemical ingredients.

A simple homemade recipe for natural cat diet requires these ingredients: canned organic chicken – 4 oz., one capsule of fish oil, one hard-boiled egg, a feline multivitamin supplement and about 1/8 cup of pureed organic carrots. Put the organic chicken, pureed organic carrots and hard-boiled egg into the mixing bowl. Now add the contents of the fish oil capsule to the mixing bowl. Crush the feline multivitamin supplement until it is powdered and add to the mixing bowl. Now stir the contents of the bowl carefully and then store it in an airtight lidded container. This natural cat food will last for two servings and should be stored in the refrigerator. You can feed your cat both natural dry cat food and wet canned food. Natural dry cat food is essential for your cat is it helps keep his/her teeth cleaner. Cats are generally fond of snacking or nibbling and thus enjoy small portions of dry food during the day. While purchasing or preparing natural dry cat food, ensure that it contains the level of nutrition that is appropriate for your cat’s age. For instance, older cats have diminished abilities of taste, smell and digestion. You should thus ensure that your cat’s natural dry food is both palatable and digestible for your cat.

You should also ensure that you feed your cat the right amount of food.  For instance, if you are feeding him/her natural canned cat food, then make sure that it a small serving about two times a day. 

  Submitted on May 7, 2010