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High fiber cat food

High Fiber Cat Food

It is not easy to replicate the required nutrients of the commercial diet with the homemade cat diet, but this can be made possible.

A typical diet for a cat should consist of 2/3 of meat, and one-third of various grains and some vegetables or even fruit. Be careful about feeding too much of fish like tuna or salmon, as they do not all have the vitamin e that every cat needs in its daily diet. One can increase the total fiber in the cat’s diet by at least including some other supplements.

One can even try adding a teaspoon of some vegetable oil. Some cats will enjoy these foods, but others may not. If the cat will not eat them, then one can try to mix a little bit in their regular diet.

A high fiber food for cat is recommended by most vets as it prevents the cats from getting constipated.

The fiber in the foods helps in absorbing the water and thus leading to the cat’s stools becoming softer, looser and even bulkier. This thus helps the stool to actually move through the cat’s intestines. There are various diets that exist for cats that contain high fiber in them. These include foods that have been designed specially for the senior cats, light food meant for the cats that may be ill or weak and the food that has been designed by the specialists to help in the prevention of hair balls. There are also medical diets that have been created by vets which are high in fiber. An important point to note is that the canned cat food tends to be quite low in fiber but can be high in its water content. The best way is to mix a bit of the canned food and the home food. One can also add water or even broth to the cat’s food so that your cat gets more water. Cats usually readily accept foods with this added broth like chicken broth. You can even do this with some commercial wet foods. In order to get the natural cat food the owners can try making cat food which includes adding half a cup of some cooked meat and then a single cup of a few steamed vegetables. Grains can either be added or omitted in which case one can try adding half a cup of some grain. This recipe is a good example of homemade cat food that is easy to make. Some of the grains that you can feed to cats include millet, brown rice, and oats, among others.

  Submitted on May 26, 2010