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Natural cat diet

Natural Foods for Cat:

A natural diet can be very beneficial for your cat but you should also take several precautions while attempting to transform his/her diet.

Your cat may become allergic to or may not like the new natural diet. It is therefore important that you are patient with your cat if he/she is trying to adjust to a change in diet. This new diet should strike a good balance of necessary nutrients and this should be kept in mind while preparing natural food for cats at home.

Your cat’s age and weight should be taken into consideration while planning a change in diet. Contact your veterinarian for an accurate assessment of your cat health care and his/her optimal diet plan. Your veterinarian, along with an animal nutritionist, should be able to draw up a meal plan for your cat’s natural diet.

It is very important to remember that your cat’s new diet should not be lesser in nutritive value compared to his/her earlier diet. You should also ensure that your cat has no allergic reactions to any of the ingredients of a natural diet. There are several options you can consider while planning a natural diet for your cat. For instance, premade meals that are natural are available in the market. You can try slowly increasing your cat’s consumption of such foods.

Alternatively, you can prepare a natural diet for your cat at home. It may be difficult to change your cat’s diet after he/she has been used to a certain kind of diet for some time. Therefore, it is advisable to make the change to a natural diet slowly. First, you should discipline your cat such that he/she only eats a certain number of times in the day (twice or thrice). This will ensure that your cat does not eat all the time and anything that he/she wants to eat. Once your cat has been trained to eat only during fixed times, you can try to put him/her onto canned food. Always remember that cats may take some time to adjust to a new diet and you should not try to force your pets to eat. Some cats may adapt easily while some others may have a difficult time breaking their eating habits. So only if you have noticed that your cat has taken to the canned food should you start him/her on some natural and raw food. Your cat will then look forward to natural food during every meal.

  Submitted on May 7, 2010