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Glucosamine for cats

Glucosamine for Cat Health Care

Glucosamine is found to be very beneficial for treatment for arthritis and even hip dysplasia in all pets and especially in cats.

Glucosamine for cats is backed by various double-blind and placebo-controlled researches. In these various studies, the glucosamine has been found to assist in rehabilitating cartilage and in reducing the progression of the arthritis, thus significantly lessening the pain from the arthritis, and thus increasing the mobility in cats. However, every glucosamine product is different from another product.

When the cat’s pain relief and its health are at stake, then one needs to know how to choose among the competing products and also see through the superficial marketing hype.

There are mainly six factors that one needs to take into account when making a decision before actually purchasing any of the glucosamine products. These include checking the quantity of glucosamine found in each daily dose, the different types of glucosamine, and the quality of the glucosamine. One also needs to check for any synergistic ingredients.

An important point to make a note of is that the absorption rate and the bio-availability of the glucosamine found in pills is a lot less than that present when the glucosamine is given in its liquid form. The proclaimed notion that pills are found to be the only way to obtain the glucosamine is not true. Glucosamine that is provided in the liquid form is found to be absorbed more quickly, and more fully, and also provides a greater and a longer lasting relief.

The signs to watch out for are when a cat starts to get older and it then starts to exhibit signs of getting slower. It may seem to have some kind of trouble when it is sitting down or even when it is getting up. The way humans feel pain so do the cats. The only difference being that cats are unable to express their pain the way human beings can. The way the cat’s exhibit pain is by becoming less playful. They tend to avoid others and may show signs of aggressiveness. Some will refuse to play or eat. This is only because of the pain and the discomfort that they will be suffering from. At times the older cats that start to slow down do so because their cartilage in their joints begins to degenerate and wear away. The resulting pain that develops can be eased away by giving cat glucosamine. When given healthy cat food some of these problems may be avoided.

  Submitted on May 7, 2010