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Cat supplements

Cat Supplements

Taking care and also watching out for the cat’s health can involve many regular visits for the veterinary checkups, also daily rounds of exercise and the continuous monitoring for the signs of any potentially life-threatening medical conditions.

Some other extremely vital activities in taking care of the cat health also mean choosing a highly nutritious and high-quality food for the cat. Choosing the right cat food formula can be a particularly difficult task, since cats have vastly differing nutritional requirements and needs from humans. Before buying any kind of tinned cat food, reading the contents ingredients is most important. The pet owners must be cautious with any cat food formulas as they can contain various artificial flavors and artificial preservatives.

They may even contain chemical coloring. Some of the main ingredients to look out for are BHA, Ethoxyquin, and BHT.

Cat Food Supplements

Some of the supplements for cat like Linatone are meant for them. This is a cat supplement that is found to contain essential fatty acids which help in prevent shedding, or scratching.

It even prevents a dull coat, and the possibility of flaky skin. Another cat nutritional supplement is Lipiderm for the cats. This is also a cat supplement which can be added to a cat’s food. It is found to contain anti-inflammatory substances like omega 3 acids and also omega 6 fatty acids. This helps in adding shine to the cat’s hair and to its coat. These supplements for cat also help in stopping dry, or red, or itchy skin from appearing which are related to fleas, allergies, or any other skin problems which may be related to the condition known as mange. Another cat food supplement is cranberry. This is believed by many to help in stimulating the cat’s immune system. There are some cat supplements that contain Garcinia cambogia. This is known to help in suppressing the cat’s appetite and thus in inhibiting the cells from storing any fat. It helps to make the cats feel totally full and totally satisfied. Thus without any extra calories it helps the cat to lose weight. Nutrition for cats includes a diet that is a natural balance cat food diet. The owners can try to make homemade cat food that primarily includes combining mixing half a cup of any type of cooked meat along with a single portion of some of the steamed vegetables. Cats should not be given corn to eat as it is found to be high on the glycemic index.

  Submitted on May 10, 2010