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Cat joint supplements

Cat Joint Supplements

Cat joint supplements can be used to either prevent or treat joint problems in cats.

There are several cat breeds that are predisposed to certain joint problems due to genetic factors. If you wish to use cat joint supplements in order to prevent the onset of joint problems, you will need to feed these to your cat on a daily basis as a nutritional supplement. Instead of experimenting with various brands it would be best to talk this over with your vet who will be able to guide you.

This is especially important as it is possible that it may interact with any medications your cat may be on. Mucopolysaccharide is found in animals and one of its main functions in an animal’s body is to lubricate the joints. Supplements that contain this type of carbohydrate help to keep your cat’s joints and surrounding muscle tissues well lubricated.

This prevents joint aches and pains and a host of related secondary cat health problems. You can also opt for supplements that contain hydrolyzed collagen, glucosamine, and bioflavanol which is considered to be one of the best combinations for joint maintenance in cats and dogs.

Joint supplements for cats can also b e used to treat problems like arthritis and hip dysplasia. These conditions can cause extreme joint pain which can prevent a cat from moving around and this can result in muscle degradation. Cat supplements for joint lubrication help to reduce the pain and discomfort and in many cases it can get a cat back on its feet. Most of the supplements prescribed for such problems consist of a combination of 3 main ingredients: Glucosamine, Chondroitin and Methylsulfonylmethane or MSM. As with any other supplement, it is important to talk to your vet before you give your cat these supplements. There are also similar joint supplements for dogs to help increase mobility and therefore the quality of life for the dog. When looking for a supplement for our cat or dog, make sure that you choose one that helps to build strong cartilage and promotes bone and joint help. This will help to ensure that your pet does n t have to take these supplements for any longer than is necessary. Most supplements help to build a strong muscular-skeletal system and thus help to maintain flexibility.

Cats are often averse to new tastes and if your kitty does not take to the supplements, you can crush the tablets and add them as a powder to his/her meals. You could also try to mask the strong smell of the tablet with strong flavors and smells from fish like tuna and mackerel.

  Submitted on May 7, 2010