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Stop Dog Eating Cat Food | Keep Dog Away From Cat Food

Stop Dog Eating Cat Food
Many pet owners have this common complaint and struggle to stop their dog eating cat food. This is because cat food is richer in protein and has a stronger smell hence this makes it irresistible for the dog, making it near impossible for owners to stop a dog eating cat food. [...]

Tick Control for Dogs | Flea Prevention, Treatment for Dog

Tick, Flea Control for Dogs
Dogs are a favorite host for fleas and ticks. These parasites suck blood from their hosts and are the root cause for the transmission of a number of diseases. This is why controlling tick infection in dogs is so important.

You should keep your dog out of the woods and other grassy [...]

Aloe Vera for Dogs | Aloe Gel for Dog Skin Rash, Allergies, Wound Healing

Aloe Vera for Dogs
Aloe vera is a natural product with many health properties and is safe for dogs. Aloe vera products are used often to assist healing in dogs. Aloe vera extracts in any form are used for various purposes such as treating skin disorders, infections, and open wounds.

Aloe vera contains amino acids, calcium, folate, [...]

Dog Water Safety | Swimming Pool Safety, Dangers for Dogs

Dog and Water Safety
There are several things to consider when discussing dog water safety. While it is important to consider water safety when your dog is playing in a pool or is swimming in a lake or another source of water, water safety may also include the kind of water that your dog is consuming. [...]

Flea Control in Dogs | Treatments to Prevent Dog with Flea Infestation

Dog Flea Control
There may be no single treatment for fleas that could be recommended as the best flea control for dogs, but most products available in medical stores are quite effective. The key to effective treatment is through meticulous observation of the prescribed instructions.

Fleas can be really problematic for dogs. These minute parasites feed on [...]

Make Dog Smile | Happy Dog Behavior | Do Dogs Smile

Make Dog Smile
A healthy and loved dog is always a happy dog. A happy dog behavior is such that it reflects its sense of security and overall health, such as wagging the tail, responding to the owner’s commands, generally sociable and so on. Almost all dogs tend to have a natural look on their face [...]

How to Check Dog Pulse | Checking Pulse Rate of Dog

Check Dog Pulse Rate
It is essential for most dog handlers and dog owners to ascertain the correct way to take dog pulse solely to try and tell when a dog may be in distress at some time. When trying to take a dog’s pulse one will need only a clock that you will have to [...]

Show Affection to Dogs | How to Care and Love Your Dog

Show Affection to Dogs
No one can be taught how to love dogs or any pet, but mentioned below are the top 10 most popular ways guiding owners how to show affection to dogs and other pets.

Provide plenty of exercise opportunities to your dog: Many a times pet owners tend to feel that simply feeding their [...]

Neutering Dog Pros, Cons | Castration in Dogs Benefits, Effects

Neutering Dogs
The process of neutering or castration of dogs involves the surgical removal of the dog’s testicles after which he will become sterile. In some cases many dog owners are curious as to how to neuter dogs, this is usually done by the veterinarian who will administer a general anesthesia to the dog and will [...]

Dog Adoption Tips – Things to Know | Before Getting a Dog

Dog Adoption
Although a puppy may seem to be adorable and cute at first all prospective dog owners must realize that adopting a dog requires investment of time, money, energy and a lot of patience.

Before getting a dog, one should ascertain the reason for doing so. Sometimes owners may say that they are adopting the dog [...]