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Dog day care

Daily Care for Dog:

If you own a pet, it doesn’t mean that you need to spend the entire day with it.

Most pet owners have day jobs that they have to attend and would in all likelihood need to be away from home on work. However, there has to be someone to look after their pets. For people who have someone in their homes during the day, it is easy to leave their pets behind, but for those who have no one to look after their pets, there is no other alternative than leaving their pets at a day care center.

Just like a child care center, a dog day care center also allows you to drop your dog off while you proceed to your workplace.

Once you are done with your work, you can head back home after picking up your dog on the way. The concept of dog day care was started essentially for dog owners who didn’t have anyone to take care of their pets while they were away. Such home owners almost always came home to a depressed or stressed dog.

It is also easy for a dog to get spoiled when there is no one watching over it. Imagine coming back to your house after a hard long day at work and find it looking like it has been ransacked. There is often extensive damage and the neighbors get upset by the continuous barking and howling that they are often subjected to by the dog.

Dogs also act up in resentment when their owners leave them locked alone at home. They often misbehave by destroying things and relieving themselves all over the house. All this can be prevented by dropping your dog off at a day care center where it can meet and socialize with other dogs. However, if you are dropping your dog over at a day care center, be sure that your dog has had all its shots because infections are often rampant at day care centers. Just like with your children, choosing a day care center for your dog should also be done carefully. Make sure that the place you are leaving your dog is dog friendly. The staff should be gentle and kind to animals and should be especially trained to handle dogs.

Your dog may have a good time at the day care; however, when you bring your dog back, make sure you spend some quality time with it. Otherwise, your dog will soon begin to feel neglected and you will loose your emotional bonding with it.

  Submitted on February 9, 2010