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Dog Titer Test

Dog Titer Test - Information on Rabies Titer Test For Dogs and Cost of Titer Tests

Repeated vaccinations in dogs after the initial shots are known to have certain health risks.

Dog titer tests may be the solution to this problem. A titer test is a medical test which helps to measure the presence and level of antibodies in the dog’s blood stream. An immune response is triggered whenever any virus or bacteria enter the system. This response leads to the production of antibodies.

Such responses can occur when a dog is naturally exposed to foreign substances and also during vaccination.

Rabies Titer Test For Dogs

Tests which help to detect antibodies for viruses such as distemper and parvovirus are the most recommended titer tests for dogs.

Rabies titer test for dogs are also often done. This test will determine the dog’s immunity and indicate if he is at risk for rabies.

In most cases, it is not necessary to test for other diseases. A dog titer test for parvovirus or distemper helps pet owners, kennel owners and vets to know if further vaccination is necessary. It may also help in avoiding extra unnecessary shots. Such testing is extremely beneficial when one does not know about a dog’s vaccination history. It also helps in evaluating if puppies have been given immunity from vaccination. A titer test is actually a blood test which takes only about 15 minutes to conduct. Some vets recommend yearly testing, but this can prove to be costly. Other vets test after every 3 years, while still others test 5 to 7 years following vaccination. This is because studies have shown that effective vaccination against parvovirus can make the dog immune for about 7 years. Sometimes dog titer testing may yield a weak titer. This may not necessarily mean that the dog needs another booster shot. The immune system is able to produce memory cells which release the antibodies when required.

Cost of Dog Titer Tests

Puppies should be vaccinated for the final time at about 16 weeks of age. They can then be tested to check if additional vaccination is needed. Costs of titer tests can vary widely. They may be done in-house by some veterinarians while others may send the samples to outside laboratories. Many owners wonder if getting their pets vaccinated will turn out cheaper that titer testing. This is not the case as testing is only a one-time cost and has no risks. On the other hand, repeatedly vaccinating a dog can be quite expensive and may also lead to lifelong ailments.

  Submitted on January 25, 2012