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Home remedies for dog

Natural Treatments for Dog:

A dog’s life is a commonly used phrase in the English language used to denote a life that is mired in misfortune and borderline sustenance.

However, some dogs tend to live a life that is completely the opposite of this, being pampered throughout the day by doting masters. In most canine loving houses, the pet is considered to be as much of the family as any of the humans within.

This affection and care, however, is not one sided though and most dogs will defend their masters with their lives if they had to, in spite of the fact that they may not even measure up physically to their adversaries. When it comes to passionately caring for your canine pet, you are likely to find that it can be quite a full time job.

Moreover, the fact that the more mischievous dogs seem to have a knack of getting themselves dirty and infested with fleas or ticks does not help matters at all. However, proper pet health care is essential in order to be able to provide the most comfortable and hassle free lifestyle for your pooch. The first step in dog health care and maintenance is to be able to know how to evaluate the general health of your animal. This is harder than most people anticipate because dogs are generally known to prefer to suffer in silence – which means that by the time their human owner realizes that something is wrong – chances are that the condition will be further developed. The only way to identify the possibility of a medical complication in the early stages is to develop a strong bond with the animal and know its tendencies and normal behavior. Any detraction from the norm will be an indication of some problem or the other.

Home Remedy for Canine:

Fleas are probably the most common canine problem and can easily move from one dog to another with the help of their outstanding leap. They are parasites that feed on the dog’s blood – causing destruction to the dog’s skin as well as spreading bacterial infections. Treating the infected areas with a mixture of one part tea tree oil and an equal amount of water is known to be very beneficial. Mange is another common problem that manifests visibly on the animals coat and is caused primarily by a wide range of mites that reside here. Regular brushing and bathing of the animal will do wonders in preventing the condition from manifesting in the first place.
  Submitted on May 7, 2010