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Dog ear care

How to Clean Dog Ear:

Maintaining the cleanliness of your dog is an essential aspect of good dog health care and should not be ignored at all.

Studies have shown that a dog that feels loved and cared for is more relaxed and socially friendly when it feels that it is being taken care of than when compared to dogs that feel neglected. Just as with humans, the structure of the ears makes them probably one of the most common parts of the body to be infected.

It is also important to remember that most do medical insurance plans do not cover ear infections in breeds that are known to be susceptible to certain infections. As a result, proper care will help reduce the risk of most of these dogs from acquiring the condition in the first place.

One of the most common dog ear problems are caused by ear mites that are present in ear wax. Dogs affected by an infestation of ear mites will be seen to regularly shake their heads and scratch their ears. If you were to extract some amount of wax from the animal’s ear, you are likely to spot a few of the creatures. Ear mites are a highly contagious condition and will require a treatment plan that spans over the course of 3 weeks as the insecticide that is commonly used has an effect only on the adult mites. Due to the lifecycle of mites, the younger mites will grow into adults in a period of 7 days – at which point the insecticide will take effect on them as well. The third week of treatment insures that any eggs that had hatched only by the second week allow time for these newborns to grow into adults before being treated with the insecticide. Ear canker’s are another common condition that are brought about by the buildup of wax and a lack of air circulation around the ear and will result in  a dark colored discharge and release of a foul odor.

The best way to care for dogs ears at home is to buy an over the counter dog ear wash and soak a cotton ball in it before squeezing out any excess ear wash. Then proceed to place the cotton ball in the dog’s ear and gently rub it in up and down motions. It is important to be gentle as any significant irritation or pain may even cause the dog to snap. Once you have thoroughly rubbed the animal’s ears, allow it to shake its head to get rid f the excess moisture before you soak the cotton ball again and run it long the nooks and crannies of the animal’s ear.

  Submitted on May 7, 2010