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Dog Blood Test

Dog Blood Test - Information on Dog Blood Test For Allergies, Cost and Results

Humans undergo yearly medical check-ups wherein blood work is done to monitor the blood sugar levels, cholesterol levels and other such things.

This helps to evaluate and keep a check on the health of a person. It also brings to light any underlying complications. Dogs too need to undergo yearly blood tests. A dog blood test is usually done as part of an annual exam wherein the veterinarian is able to detect illnesses or disorders.

It also helps to shed light on problems that can be prevented with proper care and treatment.

Dog Blood Test Cost

An exam at the veterinary clinic must include monitoring of the dog’s heart and pulse rate, body temperature, eyes, nose, ears, teeth, coat, skin and limbs. A complete blood count or CBC test must also be done. This includes an analysis of the blood cells, their size, shape and number.

There is some variation in dog blood test cost depending on the clinic or laboratory. A blood test helps is the best way to check the health of the dog. It also serves as a preventive measure as it brings to light problems that may threaten the dog’s health. Such problems can be then treated effectively in the early stages itself. In addition to ensuring the pet’s health and comfort, it also saves up on future veterinary expenses. Similar to humans, in dogs also the blood transports oxygen and nutrients to the bodily tissues. It also carries away waste matter and carbon dioxide form the tissues. Tissue repair, cell development and protection from infection are some of the functions of the blood. A blood test gives a detailed count of the red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets. A chemistry panel is part of a blood test. It provides information about the organs of the dog. It can indicate if there are complications in the liver, kidneys, glands or muscles. Protein levels are also measured and listed in the chemistry panel.

Dog Blood Test For Allergies and Results

Specific blood tests may be done to diagnose certain disorders. Allergies are a common problem in many dogs. A dog blood test for allergies is known as RAST or Radioallergosorbent test. A sample of blood is taken and tested for reactions to allergens such as pollen, mold or chemicals. A dog blood test to measure bun or blood urea nitrogen levels is done to examine the kidney’s ability to eliminate urea from the blood. Dog blood test results are usually available within 24 hours.

  Submitted on January 25, 2012